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Purchasing a mattress can be one of the most important purchases you make. At Comfy Living we don’t just want to sell you the most expensive mattress we possibly can. We would rather sell you the best product for your needs as we believe a satisfied customer is a customer for life.

The Open Coil Spring System is a frame that comprises of high tensile steel that is turned into coils. Open coil spring units often are the springs that make up the softer mattresses and the cheaper mattresses. Bonnell spring units are made from different wire thickness and a thicker wire will make a firmer mattress. The thickness is measured by gauge, the lower number being thicker. Common gauges are 13.5g and 12.5g.

Pocket Sprung is a series of individually turned springs that collectively form the sprung part of the mattress. They are wrapped in a lightweight material and either glued or sewn together. Pocket sprung mattresses are classified by the number of individual springs inside the mattress. A 1200 series will be 1200 individual springs in the 5’0” (king size mattress).

Sprung Memory Foam mattresses have either an open coil or pocket spring system with a layer of memory foam within the upholstery fillings.

Pillow Top mattresses have either an open coil or pocket spring system with a pillow type top layer for extra comfort and support.

Mattresses are classified into the following sizes:

2’6” 75cm x 190cm Small Single

3’0” 90cm x 190cm Single

4’0” 120cm x 190cm Small Double

4’6” 135cm x 190cm Double

5’0” 150cm x 198cm King Size

Divan Beds

One of the most common beds bought in the UK today. A divan base is an upholstered timber frame. They come as either blank bases or with a variety of storage options such as drawers or a sliding door. This makes divans the ultimate storage beds.

Bedsteads / Bed Frames

Bedsteads are frames that can be made from a variety of materials such as timber, metal, etc. There are many designs available at Comfy Living so we are sure we will have something to site each and every taste. Our most best selling double metal bed frame is here.

Bunk Beds / Cabin Beds

Bunk beds are designed for children and are the ideal space saving beds for children’s rooms. You can find a selection of cabin and bunk beds in our website store.

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Faulty items and your consumer rights - full information from the UK's DirectGov website can be found here.

Any item you buy from a trader (eg shop or online shop) must be:

• Of satisfactory quality

• Fit for purpose

• As described

If it isn’t, the item is faulty and you can usually get one of the following:

• Repair or replacement parts to facilitate repair

• Replacement

• Refund (refund only applies if the item has been in place 30 days after date of delivery)


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